Season 3 Blackcell Upcoming Events: Warzone Mobile

Completing an Event in Warzone Mobile is a great way to earn characters, weapon blueprints, and other rewards. Each season features a new eventwhich gives a specific reward upon reaching a threshold of Event Points (EP). In Season 3 – Blackcell, Warzone Mobile will feature four events: The Recruit, The Assassin, To the Metal and Cover Me.

Warzone Mobile Upcoming Season 3 Events:

This is the list of all events (per week) with the rewards you will receive:

1. Week 1: The Recruit (April 3 – April 10)

  1. 6 rewards
  2. Basilisk: Annihilation Weapon Project
  3. Hutch: Ghostly Operator skin

2. Week 2: The Assassin (April 11 – April 17)

  1. 5 rewards
  2. Crossbow – Duskfire: Weapon Outline
  3. DG-58 LSW – Bandit’s Breath: Weapon Outline

3. Week 3: To the Metal (April 18 – April 24)

  1. 5 rewards
  2. Pickaxe – Scale Theme: Weapon Outline
  3. LTV – High-viz: Vehicle skin

4. Week 4: Cover Me (April 25 – May 1)

  1. 5 rewards
  2. MTZ Interceptor – Interruption: Weapon Outline
  3. ATV – Loom and Doom: Vehicle skin

If you are excited to get any reward from any of the above events, then you must do it during the timeline. Otherwise, the event will expire, and you will not receive the reward.

How to Earn Event Points (EP):

The events contain many rewards that have a specific threshold number of Event Points. You must earn these Event Points, so when the required threshold of specific rewards is reached, you will receive the reward.

You can earn Event Points (EP) in WZM in the following ways:

  1. Open any Supply Box – 75 EPs.
  2. Elimination (BR) – 150 EPs.
  3. Contract (Any Mode) – 900 EPs.
  4. Killstreak Use – 90 EPs.
  5. head shot (BR) – 150 EPs.
  6. Buy Station (Any Mode) – 70 EPs.
  7. Elimination (MP) – 60 EPs.

The reward of events requires a specific number of Event Points. If you have these, the reward will be ready for you Claim. You can check how much EP is required for the specific reward under the Events section.

One good thing is that claiming the reward doesn’t cost EP. For example: If one reward is needed 2000 EP unlock and another 4000 EP. So, if you win 2000 EP, you can claim the first reward. For the second reward, you need to earn more than 2000 EP to complete in total 4000 EP to unlock it.

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