25+ Best Brand Presentation Templates and Examples

When it comes to showing a brand’s identity, values ​​and unique selling propositions, images play an indispensable role and presentations remain one of the most effective tools.

To help portray a brand’s story in the most compelling way, a well-structured brand presentation template is a must-have asset. We will help you find the perfect presentation template for your project.

In this post, we show the best brand presentation patternsHand-selected for their aesthetic alignment with various brand strategies, their functionality, and their adaptability to different narrative styles.

From sleek and modern templates that speak to innovative brands, to warm and organic designs for those with a story rooted in tradition, our list of presentation templates ensures that your brand’s voice is not only heard, but felt. Take a look and see for yourself.

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Explore PowerPoint Templates

Coverse - Modern Brand Presentation Template

Coverse is a modern PowerPoint template that offers an elegant and contemporary design for brand presentations. It includes 20 unique layouts that have been carefully crafted. Features include image replacements, full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, versatile layout, text variations, business guideline pages and much more.

Vaseline - Brand Presentation PowerPoint Template

Vaseline PowerPoint template is a professionally created and fully customizable slideshow for brand presentations. With its sleek, ultra-modern design, 20 unique layouts, easy-to-edit elements and full HD frames, this template allows for individualized presentations that rely on your images and unique brand story.

Imagine - Brand PowerPoint Presentation Template

Imagine is a versatile PowerPoint template perfect for modern brands. With its 30 customizable slides, it’s great for showcasing various fields like photography, business, fashion and more. Its smooth 16:9 aspect ratio guarantees pixel-perfect images. In addition, it features easy-to-use drag-and-drop replacements and a selection of free fonts.

Nanase - Brand Presentation PowerPoint Template

Nanase is an elegant, professionally designed PowerPoint template, perfect for branding presentations. The ultra-modern design features 35 unique layouts, easy image replacements and customizable text variations. Created with attention to detail, it is versatile and suitable for business, portfolio, corporate, branding and promotional presentations.

Stint - Creative Brand Presentation Template

Stint is a premium PowerPoint template specially designed with an aesthetically minimal design for fashion or lifestyle companies. This high-resolution template comes with 34 modern unique slides that are easy to edit and customize to your needs, and includes features like drag-and-drop image replacements, free fonts, vector icons, master slides, and more.

Brand Proposal Presentation Template

This is a PowerPoint template that will elevate your branding presentations with its vibrant, professional design. It boasts a range of dynamic features such as photo layouts, infographics, tables, vector icons and charts to effectively portray your work and company profile.

Brand Guideline Presentation Template

Another PowerPoint template for creating professional branding presentations for modern companies. It has a minimal design and allows easy integration of your logos, images and brand colors. This template features 25 unique slides covering different sections such as Cover, Brand Overview, Typography and Contact. The elements are resizable, and the template can be exported as PDF or PPTX for easy sharing with clients.

T'Lady - Brand Presentation Deck Template

T’Lady is a distinctive, professionally designed PowerPoint template suitable for any presentation need. Especially suitable for fashion brand presentations, the template offers various layouts and text variations, easy image placement and customization features, including effortless color change and unique portfolios.

Celtic - Brand Strategy Presentation Template

The Celtic PowerPoint template offers over 35 creatively designed slides tailored for branding presentations. With HD resolution and a modern, unique layout, it provides a platform to showcase your business in an attractive yet simple way. Its user-friendly design makes customization easy, with drag-and-drop image replacements and free fonts.

Brand Guideline Presentation Template

A PowerPoint template ideal for outlining your brand’s rules and guidelines. It will save you all the hard work of creating one from scratch. It’s easy to customize this professional and minimalist asset with your logo, images, brand colors and typography. With over 30 unique slides including cover page, content overview, mission and vision, and specific sections for logo, color palette, typography and more.

Bars - Modern Brand Presentation Template

The Barriers is a polished and ultra-modern PowerPoint template designed with meticulous attention to detail. It has 20 unique layouts varying in design and text, 1920 x 1080 px resolution, image replacements and simple drag and drop functionality. Perfect for showcasing modern brands, it’s easy to customize, fully editable and comes with free support.

Volosa - Brand Fashion Presentation

Volosa is a thoughtfully designed PowerPoint template specifically tailored for fashion brands looking for an updated and chic design style for their presentations. Boasting 24 unique slides, image placeholders, high-resolution design, the flexibility of layout and text variations, and handy Slide Master features for easy customization, Volosa offers interesting details, expertly crafted for your convenience and branding needs.

Business - Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

Commerce is a very versatile and professional PowerPoint template, perfect for brand presentations. The template features over 30 unique slides, equipped with media and image placeholders for easy customization. It also includes editable maps, changeable vector elements and offers unlimited color options.

Elegant Branding Guidelines Presentation Template

This is an easy-to-use PowerPoint template that allows you to effortlessly customize your branding presentation with your logo, images, colors and typography. It has 34 editable pages full of features like editable vector elements, editable charts, infographics and a ton of sections that cover everything from brand values, photography to social media and more.

Bold Brand Proposition Presentation Deck Template

Another PowerPoint template designed for modern branding presentations. Easy to use, it’s perfect for showcasing your talents, products or services in a stunning, professional style. The template features a master slide, 20 unique animated slides, theme color customization and changeable vector elements.

Altto - Modern Brand Presentation Template

Altto is a modern branding presentation template, perfect for today’s companies that want to elevate their PowerPoint presentations. Boasting a professional design created with meticulous attention to detail, it features 20 unique layouts, image replacements, various text formatting and business guideline pages.

Bara - Brand Presentation PowerPoint Template

The Bara PowerPoint template is an ultra-modern, professionally designed slideshow ideal for showcasing brand concepts. Featuring 20 unique layouts, flexible text variations and drag-and-drop image functionality, this 1080p, fully editable template really simplifies content presentation.

Aesthetic Branding Guidelines Powerpoint Presentation

This is a beautifully crafted PowerPoint template that serves as a visually appealing guide to your brand’s identity. It features a modern, aesthetically pleasing design that promotes a consistent brand image. Ideal for organizations at various stages of branding, this fully customizable template boasts a unique layout, free fonts and drag-and-drop image replacements.

Trendy Branding Guidelines Presentation Template

This is an elegant and unique PowerPoint design perfect for creating brand guideline presentations. It comes with 30 different slides that you can adapt to your brand’s style, including a drag-and-drop feature to easily replace photos. With resizable vector elements, full HD 16:9 aspect ratio and free fonts, this template makes professional presentation creation simple and enjoyable.

Azura - Mark Strategy Presentation Deck

Azura is a powerful, contemporary PowerPoint template perfect for showcasing brand strategies and company profiles. This professional template offers a clean design with creative photo layouts, infographics, editable vector icons and charts. It’s user-friendly, easy to customize and available in multiple formats.

Brand Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template

Take your branding presentations to the next level with the Riya PowerPoint template. This simple yet powerful template features contemporary design elements like creative photo layouts, infographics, tables, vector icons and charts, highlighting your work and company profile in a fresh way.

Colorful Brand Presentation Template

This is a vibrant and distinctive PowerPoint template suitable for a wide range of presentations. This asset is not only professional and ultra-modern, but its design is also carefully crafted for optimal display. Key features include image replacements, multiple layout variations, business guidelines, easy-to-customize elements, and a unique color change mechanism.

Minimal Brand Proposal Presentation Template

This minimal PowerPoint template suits you to establish your brand’s proposition for customers. Boasting a clean, timeless aesthetic, this template comes with 20 unique slides and resizable elements, it also offers plenty of sections like Welcome, About, Special Service and Contact. The simple design and adaptability serve a variety of customers well.

Free Brand Presentation Templates

Free Urban Clothing Brand Pitch Deck Presentation

This is a modern pitch deck template for brand presentations. It is especially perfect for modern, urban clothing brands and fashion brands to present their brand identities. The template includes 32 unique slides and it comes in PowerPoint and Google Slides formats.

Free Brand Identity Presentation Template

Creative and minimalist brand presentation template with simple colors and illustrations filled with geometric shapes. This template is ideal for presenting bold brand identity designs. It includes fully customizable slides.

Free Presentation on Social Media Branding Guidelines

A very colorful and stylish branding presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides. This template features 28 unique slides full of gradient colors and elegant typography. It is perfect for presenting social media branding guidelines for modern businesses.

Free Brand Key Pitch Deck Presentation

This PowerPoint template features a very simple slide design that effectively highlights your content above all else. It includes many useful slides with editable vector graphics, maps, charts and more.

Free Sports Brand Marketing Plan Presentation

Although this PowerPoint template is designed with sports brands in mind, you can easily customize the slides to create presentations for many other types of brands as well. It also comes in Google Slides format.

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